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Data visualization, analyze, reporting, share, and embed all in one place.

Komodo PHP dashboard

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Self hosted

Komodo PHP dashboard is self hosted so you have complete control to your data.



Komodo PHP dashboard is completely brandable so that it matches your business.



It’s low one time fee means you will save hundreds over similar software.

Built for everyone inside the company who can use the data, to make better decisions.



Unlock and discover the hidden valuable information on each data in your database.


Monitor the dynamics of your company with real time dashboard trough full screen view.


Share dashboard with co-workers or embed your dashboard into blog or website.

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Komodo PHP dashboard is a PHP MySQL dashboard script that allows you to create visual data in the easy way. You may create visual data such us metric, various graph and also tabular in the easy way.

It’s helps you to make visual data from multiple data sources including Excel Files, MySQL DB and PostgreSQL DB.

It comes with easy installer package, just upload your installer files than extract and run the installer. Its has the ability to share dashboard with your co-worker or partner. It has everything you need to create, analyze and share visual data.

The basic concept:

Komodo PHP dashboard provide tools to convert your SQL query into visualization, however it’s comes with simple Query builder to help you fecth data from datasource.

It comes with advance user management features, you may create user, role and assign access right to other user. So you may share database connection, dashboard and insight to your partner.

It is also comes with drag and drop function, so you may compose your dashboard easily, just drag and drop your visualization into place you want it.